Picked up an sldr for free. Jakob Nordin – 1 year ago. Rick would like to see comparison between 3 woods vs 2H. BeachBow – 1 year ago. A week of lessons with a golf instructor was the best golf investment I ever made. When it comes to driver Ive wasted too much money on used clubs, recent fitting made a huge difference but thats because it was fit for me and massively reduced the spin which I need if my swing was better then maybe a used club would perform similar.

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No Good just hitting on a range as you are guessing how far. Only call it highest spinning wedges or something. I would like to also mention an area that perhaps ebnross might be interested in reviewing would be some of the places that make the clone clubs such as Trimasx tour golf.

We hear a lot about spin rates on wedges and the differences between New and wedges which have been used for say a year Let someone else take the hit as long as they have not been abused they should be as good as they were originally rated. I’ve found the current generation of drivers have more pleasing acoustics and feel.


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Michael Rolton – 1 year ago. Drew Mistic – 1 year ago.

Colin Wilson – 1 year ago. I’m a golfer on a budget. Paul Scott – 1 year ago.

benross golf balls and other equipment reviews

Steven Bourque – 1 year ago. Now on the hunt for a Callaway Apex hybrid LH to start rebuilding my bag. Ian Boots – 1 year ago. When brnross you reviewing the Mizuno ST driver. Got a Burner that still does the job, give it a bash Rick. TDM – 1 year ago. See all condition definitions – opens in bneross new window or tab Drew Gardiner – 1 year ago. Driver and 3 wood bent at the hosel fairly quickly. Just a note to others who might try it.

Darren Heron – 1 year ago. I bought a Callaway ft iz driver and I really have to try in order to miss the fairway! Jason Postma – 1 year ago. Is it new news that the golf industry is a con with new product same as other industries? Justin Hubbard – 1 year ago.


John Ray – 1 year ago. I bought a second hand driver a couple of years ago when I took up golf, trimasd my pro ttimass that I would need a completely different spec a couple of years down the line. That has turned out well too. Cheaper alternative and it comes with a fitting for correct spec for me. Speaking of drivers is there a sign that would tell me I’m ready for a stiffer shaft.

RPatel23 – 1 year ago. I would like to see you play 18 holes with a half bernoss. Like you did longest drivers. I may have it all wrong, what do you think. The other club I liked was the Titelist AP3 benrows when that is on “closeout” in three years, I might consider trading to it.