Start your 7-day Free Trial Get Access to this image and everything else on Fold3 Access to over millions of documents. The set output from the Read CY flip-flop controls two gates. The following special packing considerations must be observed for the Teletype: Parts lists for the other optional memory as- semblies and peripheral control assembly boards are part of the documentation package for each optional assembly, and is shipped along with the hardware. Once the Console is verified as operational, the dynamic testing may be performed Successful completion of all the recommended diagnostic tests should be considered verification of the first check-out step. Scottsdale, Arizona South Co. The Adder – Multiplexer Register Load -Controls section is composed mainly of gating which combines signals of any one sequence or common events into one functional gate the output of which issues the required register or multiplexer command.

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In this regard it is suggested that the Supernova logic diagrams bound into Section VII of this manual be referenced while reviewing this paragraph. When the tape halts verify Console Address register displays as the halt location. Nt lln,f f pgh y bn’hi 4 r UcT -j” oil I fuly 1ri.

Capacitor Assembly Figure Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Table Hands should be placed on the rear and under- side of the Power Supply and by the front of the console Check unit for shipping damage.

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The outputs of this register controls the Inhibit Circuitry which either allows or prevents core storage as determined by the state of the corresponding In- hibit register flip -flop. Turn the computer on and start at location To replace a console indicator follow steps above and in addition remove two slotted flathead screws holding the Bendolex to die circuit board.


About this image Publication Title: Refer to page 1 of the section TC and dh unpacking instructions. Full text of ” dg:: For write, the drive current is applied in the opposite direction and thus tends to drive all the cores in the selected location to the 1 state. Each console control is described briefly in the following paragraphs.

These connectors mate with four printed circuit jack connectors located on the bottom edge of the Multiple PCB Connector Panel part of the Enclosure Chas- sis Assembly. Figure is a general block diagram of the Supernova Computer.

All cables assigned a part number in the 3 Assembly Parts list are kvio as replaceable components. Each functional indicator is listed below with its indicative interpretation, RUN The processor is in normal operation with one instruction following another.

As the character goes out, the register fills with l f s allowing the net at die left to determine when transmission is complete. The converse of this would be true if AC2 was selected as the destination Accumulator. These signals have single letters, functioning as a form of short -hand for the kvio of the signal function. Inhibit and sense windings thread through planes of cores so that each winding intersects every location at the same bit.

These four switches are used both for depositing data into the corresponding Ac- cumulator, and examining their contents.


The quality of the diaries varies, with some providing detailed accounts, while others contain only cursory information. As shown cables are 300 by the particular plug termination for that cable. Connector P2 is the termination for an internal cable which con- nects the Regulator circuits on the Regulator Board assembly with the rest of the components of the power supply e.

Anyone of four conditions present will cause gating to produce the complement. By tying the two inputs together D type entry is obtained.

The X and Y windings and associated selection logic are shown on sheets 4 and 5 of Drawing Machine running, executing a JMP to itself instruction. Hence any cores that were 1, change state, producing pulses on the sense windings threaded through those planes.

War Diary, 6//45 › Page 3 –

By applying the input signal to an active low input, trig- gering will occur on the fa I ling edge of the waveform. MBER ” Figure Data to Addr JMP. The fuses and circuit breaker should be checked first following any interruption of output power. The set output from the Read CY flip-flop controls two gates. The Supernova Console indicators are composed of three register driven indicator strings and nine individual flip-flop driven function indicators.