Caution As a general rule, keep in mind that if a locator matches several elements, only the first one will be effectively used by Selenium. It starts from the root element within the web page or part of the page and goes to identify the target element. The following example illustrates the interest of filters: Currently, there are two filter types:. Take note that when multiple elements have the same HTML tag and name, only the first element in source code will be recognized. We sometimes use Name locator to identify the elements on our webpage.

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It should take you to the Flight Finder page shown below. Each and every web element are presented in HTML tag with open and End tag will be identified through its attributes. If not, check out the link mentioned below:.

It is advisable to use an attribute that is unique to the element such as a name or ID. Allows very precise locators. We can use Ib tool to find out the different attribute of the element on the page. How is Selenium used at Google? Locators locatosr the basic building blocks of a web page. Selenium IDE must be able to access the element successfully.


Works well with fixed list of similar elements. Go to Mercury Tours homepage.

Locators in Selenium IDE: CSS Selector, DOM, XPath, Link Text, ID

In Selenium Web Diver seven types of locators are mainly used. Try Jira for free.

Selenium webdriver uses following locators to find webdrifer elements on web page. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future.

Selenium Tutorial: Locators

In this tutorial, we will learn How to deal with file uploads and downloads. Relies on the structure of the page. For getting specific input element, we need to specify its name with its value or index position. Free Trial at jira. Notice that it is contained in a ewbdriver named “home.

Will only select anchor elements Useful when testing navigation.

Locators in Selenium WebDriver | Selenium Tutorial

In certain Selenium Automation Tests, there is a need to control keyboard or When webdriber elements have the same HTML tag and attribute, only the first one will be recognized. Identification of correct expected web element and to perform some action on it will be the expectation in Automation. Locating by ID This is the most common way of locating elements since ID’s are supposed to be unique for each element. Selenium IDE must be able to identify the Password text box successfully.


Answered May 6, Like the Id strategy, but on the name attribute. What are the available locators in Selenium Web Driver?

Selenium IDE should be able to locate the “Keep me logged in” check box. Is Web Driver a component of the Selenium? Now, as for CSS locators.

You can also specify a filter to refine your locator Link: Could any one provide me the best sites to learn Selenium? This Link Text locator works only on links hyperlinks so it is called as Link Text locator.